Our Culture

Stabili-T-tape Culture combines a Kinesiology Tape with unparalleled range of motion control, horsepower adaptability and performance enhancing properties. Dispensing it exclusively to licensed & certified coaches, trainers, human movement therapists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors & acupuncture TeamMates sharing a goal to foster health, fitness and optimal human movement to their patients and clients.      

Committed Human Movement Professionals Making a Difference

All TeamMates must participate in Continuing Kinesiology Tape Education. This will involve delivering, attending and practicing advances that come in the tape itself, the methods of application and the therapeutic uses of the tape as a primary and ancillary element in therapeutics of human stance and movement.  

Evidence Based Research, Blogs, Webinars, Patient Facing Research, Videos and Think Tank Sessions where innovation can be shared, cases can be presented and adaptogenic ideas can be cultivated by The Team

The basis for any team victory is the sum of the individual talents and experiences and the effectiveness of the chemistry that can be developed as a whole. Every licensed and certified professional that commits to being a Stabili-T-Tape TeamMate brings personal knowledge, training, experience and practice and passion for different aspects of human movement and performance that when shared guarantees a level of excellence that an athlete’s endorsement cannot overcome

The Stabili-T-tape Team believes that Kinesiology Tape can be especially worthwhile to stabilize, support and balance essential workers, poor athletes and injured workers worldwide by donating a roll of Stabili-T-tape  along with education for every roll we dispense to those in need to elevate their ability to perform and thrive. Find out more about Tape 4 Humanity Project and how you can be apart of the project here

Become a TeamMate