Kinesiology Tape: 7 Ways Assists with Healing and Athletic Performance

Most athletes, coaches, and trainers are aware of the RICE method for injury recovery, along with treating the regular sprains and strains. But new technology in injury recovery is constantly being developed. Kinesiology tape is one such method. Rather than focusing on the injury directly, kinesiology tape takes work and tension away from the injury […]

Kinesiology Tape: 3 Myths vs. Facts explained by medical professionals

Kinesiology tape used to treat injuries is often a hotly disputed and vastly misunderstood topic of conversation in the sports medicine world. You’ve probably heard conflicting arguments and might be wondering what the truth is about kinesiology tape. Let’s set the record straight and tackle the common myths and facts about kinesiology tape: Myth: Kinesiology […]

How to Protect Your Joints and Muscles with Kinesiology Tape in Active Sports

Sports medicine is always improving. Not only are medical techniques for catastrophic injuries getting people back on their feet faster, but pain treatments and equipment that reduce the risk of injury in the first place are getting better. Kinesiology tape is certainly one of them. If you’re highly active and you’ve dealt with inflammation, joint […]

When Should You Use Kinesiology Tape?

If you’ve ever felt pain or noticed inflammation from playing active sports, it’s time to try kinesiology tape. You don’t have to wait for an injury to start considering treatment. In fact, once you’ve identified key stress points or vulnerable joints, acting early can prevent stress injuries, chronic pain, fatigue, and even serious accidental injuries […]