Built into the economics of Stabili-T-Tape® is our ability to donate one roll of tape to an essential worker, needy athlete or disadvantaged man or woman for every roll of tape dispensed.

The athletes, patients, and clients working with our virtual and one-on-one TeamMates are fortunate enough to be able to afford our tape and our skillful and experienced collaborators.

However, realizing that there are so many less affluent souls on our planet that could benefit from our products and services we are committed to contributing to the health, fitness, and performance of those less prosperous in order to equalize their chances for comfort and success.

We have developed two methodologies for The Stabili-T-Tape® Tape 4 Humanity Program, local and far-reaching. Eventually, we plan to have TeamMates all over the world in many locations that would enable us to donate tape and services to regional charities that have been vetted to be able to make the most use of free tape and services in the neediest places. Until then, we are asking our TeamMates and their patients and clients to suggest locations in their communities and regional areas (currently the Tri-State New York City area) for donations. In addition, our TeamMates can institute their own programs where they can consult with pro-Bono athletes, patients, and clients and dispense rolls of Pro Bono Stabili-T-tape along with pro-bono services.

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