Virtual TeamMates 

Potential users of Stabili-T-tape often want to purchase this advanced, high powered tape to use instead of the more generic tapes they are accustomed to on their first visit to our Website. That is because our exclusive to professionals tape has greater therapeutic, restorative and rehabilitative potential because it offers the ability to stabilize the anatomy, control ranges of joint motion and train optimal movement patterns better than any other tape on the planet, period!

Until you have your own professional TeamMate to work with, we have a Team of Virtual Professionals headed by our world renowned podiatry trained biomedical engineer of the lower extremity that works with you by email and text until you find a Stabili-T-Teammate to work with.  If you are already working with a licensed or certified professional, you can have him/her phish our website in order to consider becoming a Pioneer Stabili-T-Teammate.    

We team up with professionals with a passion for customizing great one-on-one programs. We blend them into a community with common evidence based goals and drives that becomes an expanding Therapeutic Swarm .

All of our TeamMates must be licensed or Certified Professionals who then commit to be evidence based, scientific and practiced in the use of Kinesiotape as a treatment tool to maximize working with injuries, underpinning biomechanical pathology and performance issues.