Become a Pioneer TeamMate

Stabili-T-tape is about to launch a disruptive technology in the Kinesiology Tape marketplace. In addition to our Kinesiology Tape’s advances including the advanced ability to control ranges of motion and increase muscle engine leverage, it is the only tape with three major qualities that should appeal to licensed and certified professionals.

We are seeking like-minded professionals to join our Team that has been utilizing Kinesiology Taping and cookbook, templated treatment, workout, training, and coaching methodology whose passion and skill set rises above that level of care. We intend to develop a community that shares
new ideas and cases of interest.

This opportunity to be a Pioneer Stabili-T-tape TeamMate coincides with our initial delivery of the tape from Asia and the huge increased demand for home-based professional care due to the reduced ability to have one-on-one experiences created by the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic and PostPandemic periods.

Become a Pioneer TeamMate


Our primary commitment is to improve the materials and manufacture of our Kinesiology Tape to the point where over time, the tape itself has been upgraded and an expanded line of products to research and dispense exists. Simultaneously, we are committed to expand the numbers of professional partners that are a part of The Stabili-T-tape Team


Stabili-T-tape Culture takes a Kinesiology Tape with unparalleled range of motion control, horsepower, adaptability and performance enhancing properties, and dispense it exclusively to licensed & certified coaches, trainers, human movement therapists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors & acupuncture practitioners. These TeamMates share our goal to foster health, fitness and optimal human movement to their patients and clients.


At Stabili-T-tape, our goal is to optimize the uses and applications of Kinesiology Tape and expand the numbers of people around whose functional lives are improved with fewer injuries and improved fitness and performance. We value the ability of our partners to be team players looking to make the team prosper, grow and survive as they themselves prosper, grow and survive.